Our team

AMS Senior Management

Eliseo Villegas


Eliseo Villegas is responsible for driving the company vision and strategy execution. His mission is to build a national organization that serves its clients, its employees and its communities. Eliseo has been active in the legal support industry as a professional process server since 1997. In December 2002, as one of two AMS founding partners, Eliseo Villegas has continually been providing the best customer service. Additionally, Eliseo is highly skilled in tracking details, communicating deadlines and following up with internal and external partners, to ensure on time completion of all service requests.

Gabriel Mendez

Founder/Vice President

Gabriel Mendez is responsible for leading the company, in support of product development, service delivery and company operations. He has been actively involved in the legal support industry for over 20 years. In 2002 when Gabriel and his partner Eliseo founded AMS, his first priority has been and remains operating at optimum level with his clients’ utmost satisfaction in mind. Gabriel’s motto is to provide every client with individualized legal support services while going the distance for them no matter how complex the assignment may be.

Gustavo Jimenez

Deposition Officer

Gustavo started with AMS in February 2006. Coming from a strong customer service background, he is both very pleasant and very efficient when it comes to understanding the specific needs of our clients. Gustavo started as a process server and court messenger with AMS. Because he works quickly, efficiently, capable of managing pressure and sometimes conflicting demands, Gustavo rose to become the AMS head dispatcher who manages both couriers and process servers.

Rocio Morales

Office Manager
Los Angeles, CA

Attorney Services veteran, Rocio Morales brings years of experience to AMS. Throughout her career, she has assumed a multitude of different roles, notably as Court Runner and Process Server in Southern California. Imbued with expertise and familiarity with, not only the industry, but also the territory, she was uniquely positioned to become the Office Manager for the AMS Los Angeles office when she joined the organization in 2018. Rocio currently oversees all incoming and outgoing work for the Los Angeles County area, ensuring that all clients’ requests are completed accurately, efficiently and in a timely manner.

Robert Keith Giddens

Court Filings and Research Specialist

Attorney Services veteran, Robert Keith Giddens brings 24 years of experience. Throughout his career, he has assumed a multitude of different roles, notably preparing court filings and filing them promptly, both locally and nationally for our national law firm clients. Robert, for whom no research is insurmountable, is an invaluable asset to both our organization and to our clients. Mindful of specific, imposed deadlines, Keith operates with a sense of timing and urgency; our clients know confidently that no matter what the nature of the assignment may be, it will be on target and delivered in a timely manner.