Our Mission is to give you peace of mind; to ensure that your exact legal support needs are met.

Combined with personal attention and advanced technology, our method incorporates our staff’s extensive legal support knowledge and expertise. As active members of the legal services industry and of the nationwide communities we serve, our company is evolving with technology and the law to serve you better.

Subpoena Preparation & Deposition Officer

Along with your court and service of process needs, American Messenger Services, Inc. provides a “stress free” subpoena preparation service that includes the following:

  • Civil Subpoenas (Production of Records, Trial, Personal Appearance, etc)
  • Deposition Subpoenas (Production of Records,Personal Appearance, etc)
  • United States District Court (Production of Records, Personal Appearance, etc)
  • United States Bankruptcy Court (Production of Records, Personal Appearance, etc)
  • Workers Compensation (WCAB) (Production of Records, Personal Appearance, etc)
  • DMV (Production of Records, Personal Appearance, etc)
  • E-Discovery (Computer forensics via active & archival data)

When AMS is your assigned deposition officer, the following work begins:

  • Research
  • Notice to Consumer (where necessary)
  • Service of Location(s)
  • Follow-Up
  • Production of Your
  • Documents

If you require an out-of-state commission, we will handle the process of obtaining the temporary case number with the out-of-state court.


  • AMS obtains records through the use of HIPAA compliant authorizations
  • HIPAA compliant authorizations are handled in the same fashion as subpoenas
  • We take care of the research, service to the location(s), follow up and the production of all documents

Why Choose Us?

American Messenger Services is a Legal Courier/Attorney Service dedicated to providing the very best in customer service. Through dedication and attention to detail AMS strives to alleviate the stress that is inherent in the legal industry.