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Skip Trace

A skip trace is utilized when a subject’s address is incorrect because he/she has moved, or it becomes impossible to verify its authenticity.

A skip trace is a type of background search that provides a person’s last known addresses, assets (i.e. properties, vehicles, boats, aircraft, etc), driver license information (except in certain states), businesses, employment, court, criminal activity, and the list goes on and on…

With our skip trace services, we verify and follow up the data we will have found.

Unlike other skip tracing companies, at American Messenger Services, Inc. we search other sources until all leads are exhausted. Computerized records can hold a wealth of information on a missing person. Such records increase the amount of data; however, they also increase the amount of inaccurate information. Our skip tracing investigators have the experience with the resources at their disposal to decipher accurate from inaccurate leads.

Thanks to our techniques, we can help locate a missing person in a timely manner. Performing a successful skip trace, delivering a current address, will save you the cost of serving him/her via publication.

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